Frequently Asked Questions


We work on a case-by-case basis with each of our clients to provide the solution that best fits them, and not ourselves. This is the philosophy that Nila was founded on. The first step of our process is to gain a thorough understanding of each of our clients requirements, desires and budget. From there we carefully consider the options available based on factors such as time of year, availability, the clients wishes and of course our many years of experience.

We will then come up with a proposal.

Please feel free to check out our Four Step Process on the about us page for more information.

All of our itineraries include the following:

  • Accommodation for all nights during your trip.
  • Transport throughout your holiday from the moment of arrival to departure, including vehicles, planes and helicopters if requested.
  • Knowledgeable and friendly driver and tour guide, and/or pilot if requested.
  • Confirmed bookings for the chosen experiences on the requested dates.
  • Visa papers to be filled out at the point of arrival, if required.
  • AMREF Emergency insurance in case of injury. This includes a helicopter evacuation to the nearest hospital and health insurance. 

While we are working hard to be able to provide the best and most seamless experience for our customers, there are a few elements of your holiday that we can not arrange for you at present. These are as follows:

  • Return flights to East Africa from your home country.
  • Any third party travel insurances, for example for theft of personal property.
  • Any vaccines or medication recommended by doctors for first time visits to the African continent. Please consult your preferred physician for advice.

Be sure to check back in the coming months as we will be including some of these in our itineraries in the near future.

The vast majority of our clients arrive via air travel at one of the many East African international airports. For more information on these, as well as any visa requirements and information about the climate, please consult our Travel Advice page.