Safari Vehicles

There are three main categories of Safari vehicles used on the northern circuit: Traditional Game Viewing Vehicles, Panoramic Game Viewing Vehicles and Open Game Viewing Vehicles. For the most part, the Traditional Game Viewing Vehicles are the more commonly used across the industry. All of the vehicles employed in a Nila Expeditions bespoke safari are equipped with a fridge / freezer which serves ice cold drinks during hot sunny days as well as all-important electrical outlets to enable cameras and phones to be charged on long game drives. All Nila Expedition Safaris vehicles have Unlimited Game Drive miles, meaning that you can stay out in the bush for as long as you like during the course of the day without any time constraints or limitations (aside from those imposed by the national parks). 

Traditional Game Viewing Vehicles

Build with a closed structure and expandable roof, traditional safari vehicles are some of the most common you will find during your travels in East Africa. They have the distinct advantage over the other vehicles in that they are allowed in all national parks. They also allow for the safest experience whilst venturing close to the wildlife. 

These are also commonly fitted with fridges, freezers and outlets that enable you to charge your electronic devices whilst on the go. Some vehicles are also fitted with mobile WiFi units, to allow for uninterrupted internet access throughout your journey.

Panoramic Game Viewing Vehicles

Panoramic vehicles are very popular in Serengeti National Park and bring you one step closer to the wildlife. Their stand-out feature is canvas windows which can be rolled up on demand to enjoy uninterrupted views of the wildlife and nature surrounding them, whilst not compromising on safety. These vehicles are perfect for the budding photographers of the group.

Like the Traditional vehicles, these are also usually equipped with fridges and freezers which serve ice cold beverages during hot sunny days, as well as electrical outlets.

Open Game Viewing Vehicles 

These popular vehicles offer the maximum amount of interaction with the surrounding nature and wildlife. Designed with open cabins, they allow you to get as close to the action as possible without leaving the safety of the vehicle. Additionally, they can be used for Night Game Drives, as they are commonly fitted with "jump seats" on the bonnet for the wildlife trackers to spot nocturnal creatures with specially-fitted search lights.

These vehicles are also designed to fit mobile furniture such as foldable tables and chairs for the ever-popular Bush Dinners & Sundowners.