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Creating an itinerary

Creating a luxury bespoke safari itinerary is exactly what Nila Expeditions is all about. With the objective of achieving a truly customized travel itinerary, we have created a straight forward four stage process that will enable you to put together something that is unique to your taste and that speaks to who you are as an individual, family, or collective group. 

Our Four Step Process


The Nila Expeditions website was created primarily to enable you to gain a full understanding of what experiences are available to you in each destination. Once you have a better understanding of which experiences are of interest to you, follow the link below, fill-in your details and we’ll get in touch with you to proceed to stage two of the process.

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The second stage of the process involves understanding which experiences you would like to pair with which destinations. Because this involves a lot of logistical work on our behalf (no two safaris are ever likely to be the same) and because we want to make sure we get it right, we provide a free consultation with one of our Africa Travel Specialists via Skype. This stage of the process is where you dictate exactly what you want out of your bespoke safari; it also creates a great opportunity to have any questions you may have answered, or ask for some of our expert advise.


Following the free consultation in stage two, our Africa Travel Specialist will get straight to work on putting together your very own bespoke safari itinerary. Sit back, relax and let us do what we do best! Once completed, it will be sent to you via the email address provided in stage one of the process for you to review. Remember, you can make as many changes to your bespoke itinerary as you feel you need, we’re not completely satisfied with it until we know that you are!

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Once your bespoke itinerary is exactly as you would like it, all that is left to do is confirm your safari! Start getting exited, your very own personalized adventure of a lifetime is just round the corner.

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