About Nila Expeditions

At Nila Expeditions we believe that modern day travel is at risk of conforming to a ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

The conveniences found in prepackaged itineraries can lure-in and allow even the most experienced of travelers to fall victim to the appeal that this approach offers. However, we believe embarking on a truly customized travel experience should not be optional, but a standard across the travel industry. Travel is simply the vehicle which allows us to explore the world around us, which is why everyone should be able to do it on their own terms. Nila’s philosophy is founded on the principle that modeling a travel itinerary around each individual customers preferences can be achieved not only with ease, but at a competitive price too.

Our Mission

The team behind Nila Expeditions started offering tailor-made travel itineraries to East Africa long before the company itself was incorporated, when such itineraries were being built for close friends and family. Our core objective is to move forward as a brand that continually strives to provide incredible bespoke travel experiences while extending the same courtesy to our customers as if they and our family members were one and the same.

The Founders


Born in Kenya and brought up in East Africa, Nicholas has a unique understanding of this part of the world, its culture, places and people. After graduating from University, Nicholas started learning the travel trade while working for a boutique luxury hotel management company in Tanzania. He left in 2017 to team-up with David and Sarah and start working on their shared vision of a travel agency that specialized in delivering bespoke luxury Safari itineraries to East Africa. 


Also from Kenya and brought up in Mombasa, Arusha and Zanzibar, David cut his teeth in the African way of life at a very early age. Having mastered the 'Hakuna Matata' lifestyle, David's passion for Africa is only surpassed by that of his love for technology and processes. The mastermind architect behind this website, David is constantly raising the bar for technology enabled travel services and elevating Nila Expeditions to new heights. 


A wanderlust globetrotter, Sarah has been traveling the world ever since she was old enough to reach the check-in desk. Having spent the last decade constantly on the go, Sarah has a unique understanding of what the modern traveler is after. Her constant exposure to different cultures has enabled her to develop a sharp cultural sensitivity; an invaluable input for the rest of the Nila Expeditions team when planning Safaris for our international clientel.